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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Review: Unexpected Rewards by Jane McGarry

My Review

Great Story and Superb Writing

Unexpected Rewards has all the elements of an endearing story amidst a historical backdrop. Combine this with great writing from the author and you have a book that's unputdownable! I truly enjoyed reading every part of the story.
The female lead, Olivia, is someone that I find myself rooting for throughout the story. She is quite a loveable lead -- a girl with a pure heart, having noble intentions, but is a newcomer in kingdom and kingdom politics. Faced with different odds that seem to come one after the other, she has to find ways to overcome each one -- from fending off others who are determined to disrupt her love with Prince Liam, to having to gain the respect of the King and the Queen, and even to prove the innocence of a close friend.
I also enjoyed the story writing -- it was easy to follow, interesting with no dull moments. I realized much later that this is book 2 of a series, but there was never any confusing moment and you could have just as easily read this as a standalone. Also since this is being told from a first person narrative, i.e. Olivia's point of view, we aren't privy to the King's, Queen's and even Prince Liam's thoughts; so there was a bit of suspense that I find welcoming and added to the intrigue in the story.
All in all, a great read! Highly recommended, and I can't wait to check out the next book in the series.
Rating: 5 Stars

Book Info

Genre: Young Adult
Olivia Davenport is looking forward to her future. After all, Prince Liam has professed his love and King William has promised her a reward for her role on a recent mission. She fully expects to continue her knightly training while enjoying a blossoming romance with her Prince. The King, however, has other ideas, appointing her as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Helen.
Thrust into unfamiliar territory and left to fend against the malicious women of court, Olivia feels awkward and confused. With the help of her new friend, Kat, and her sister, Anne, she tries to find her footing among the courtiers, their protocol, and the added complication of Jocelyn Crawford, a lady who has her eyes set on becoming Liam’s bride.
When, a disturbing prophecy puts the safety of the King in question, fear spreads through kingdom. Intrigue abounds at the palace with an enigmatic witch and a strict Friar at the center of the controversy. Olivia must use her training and instincts to unravel what is truly going on in order to protect the King. Through it all, she questions if she will ever be able to fit into Liam’s life and if, in the end, their love can prevail.


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