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Friday, September 8, 2017

Book Review: Out of Time by Melissa Klein

Out of Time

About the Book

Series: Out of Uniform Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
When paparazzi, obligations, and pride tear Bash and Grace apart. Will the stubborn scriptwriter come to his senses in time, or will movie star, Grace marry the wrong man?
Before filming starts on her next movie, America’s sweetheart, Grace Carradine, wants a girls’ night out. As she dons a disguise to evade the paparazzi, her brown hair isn’t the only deception, so is her upcoming marriage to her costar. Naval-pilot-turned-author, Sebastian "Bash" Baron finds his friends are pairing up and starting families. Given his history, he knows that life isn’t for him—even if the period romance he wrote is being made into a movie. Those stories only exist in fiction—or other people’s lives.
The two begin a secret romance, meant to last only as long as the starlet is on location in Bash's hometown. When the paparazzi, obligations, and pride tear them apart, will Bash come to his senses in time, or will Grace marry the wrong man?
Rating: 5 Stars
Out of Time is a light entertaining read that will keep you reading page after page.
Grace is a famous actress, closely watched and followed by the entire entertainment public. As such, her whole life seems to be based on a world of make believe stories. Reading the story, you can really feel how this is constricting her, as if the walls around her seems to be closing in and squeezing her to the point where she has nowhere to turn. Then came Bash and Grace is instantly drawn to his charm and masculinity. But beyond this initial excitement, will he also be a victim of the elaborate world that Grace needed to continue painting?
I truly enjoyed the chemistry between Grace and Bash. It's like they were truly meant for each other. Grace has an elegant flair around her, but when with Bash you can feel she is a different person. She is truly happy being with him and the only one who can truly give her the happiness that she desired. Bash on the other hand has all but given on love...that is, until he met Grace. As the plot of the story starts to unveil and with it the issues on their unlikely relationship, will they be able to overcome all these and succeed?
A definite page turner, this is an easy read perfect for everyone who loves a sweet, romantic story. This is my first time reading books by Melissa Klein, and my first in the Out of Uniform series but it certainly won't be my last. I am definitely interested to check out the first 2 books in the series for a closer look at Bash's friends as well. A definite 5 Stars!


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