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Review Guidelines

Generally, I'm not strict on review requirements, as long as they're within my genre of interest -- YA, mystery, thrillers, romance titles as well as non-fiction books on business, finance, computers and the internet.
So as not to keep you hanging, I will send you a reply if I will accept your request or not. Once accepted, the time it will take to complete my review will depend on a lot of factors -- I will also include an estimate in my reply.
My review will include the following:
  • Book cover
  • General product description with buy links
  • Review Rating
  • My Review
  • Posting on Amazon and Goodreads
My reviews will be based on my honest thoughts about your book. If I don't feel it is a 4-5 star review to me, I will inform you ahead of time so you can let me know if you want me to continue.
I welcome indie authors.
I don't have a particular bestselling author or book that I follow, which makes it easier to be open minded on book choice. I like giving the up-and-coming a chance; perhaps this is just my nature. So even if you are a new author, feel free to drop me an email.
Lastly, please send your request to my email (or use the contact form).  I can be reached at technerd888 [at] gmail [dot] com.  Don't leave your requests on the comment below.
All the best.


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